A virtual space to discover the artistic potential of photographic filters and to challenge your creativity in our International Filter Photo Contest

International Filter Photo Contest 2022

This contest is sponsored by Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. and is open to photos that have been taken with the aid of a filter with the aim of expanding creative possibilities.

Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. looks forward to receiving your entries that explore the full expanse of the unknown possibilities of filters.



Photos that make effective use of filters.

  • Filters may be from any manufacturer.
  • Filters such as protectors whose effects cannot be seen in the photograph are not permitted.
  • Photos that have been heavily edited using retouching software (color swap, etc.) cannot be accepted.

Application period

Application period August 22, 2022 - October 31, 2022

Application Qualification

The competition is open to anyone regardless of age, gender or nationality.

  • Entries are restricted to unreleased and unpublished original photos for which the copyright is entirely owned by the applicant. Photos that have won prizes or are being screened in other competitions are not eligible. (Photos that have been entered in another competition but have not been awarded a prize are eligible.) Photos that have been published in non-commercial publications such as club exhibitions for which the photography was not remunerated, or websites operated by individuals are eligible.
  • Entries will be disqualified if the sponsor deems that the subject matter is in breach of the law, public order and morals, or the purpose of this contest.
  • Applicants who are under the age of 18 must obtain approval of their parent or guardian before applying. If an applicant is under the age of 18, it will be assumed they have already obtained approval of a parent or guardian.


Grand Prix 1 500,000 yen (or U.S. dollar equivalent to 500,000 yen) *1
Certificate and photo panel of the work
Jury Special Prizes 5 100,000 yen (or U.S. dollar equivalent to 100,000 yen) *2
Certificate and photo panel of the work
Kenko Tokina Special Prize 1 50,000 yen (or U.S.dollar equivalent to 50,000 yen) *3
Certificate and photo panel of the work
Kenko Tokina Special Prize of the 65's anniversary 3 50,000 yen (or U.S. dollar equivalent to 50,000 yen) *3
Certificate and photo panel of the work
Excellent works 30 Certificate and photo panel of the work

*1,*2,*3: Please note that if a winner lives in a country other than Japan, the system or procedures unique to the winner's home country may prevent overseas remittances. In this case, Kenko Tokina Group products of the equivalent value to the prize money will be sent instead.


Daisuke Kumakiri

Born in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Entered Junior College of Tokyo Polytechnic University where he studied photographic expression such as artistic photography in the 5th Laboratory of the Photography Technology Department. After graduating, he joined the photography department of Nikkan Gendai Co., Ltd. and was in charge of politics, events, and the Yomiuri Giants professional baseball team. After that, he left the Nikkan Gendai Photography Department and became a freelance photographer.

He is currently working as a freelance photographer in various genres, including official corporate photography, advertising, and camera magazines, focusing on the moments, spaces, and objects created by people in magazine media. He also teaches at schools and photography classes.

As for his work, he continues to capture various aspects of the ever-changing "Tokyo" by making full use of the snapshot method.

Director, Japan Professional Photographers Society Lecturer, Department of Photography, Nihon University College of Art

Tatsuo Hata

Born in Toyama-go, Iida City, Nagano Prefecture (1970/4/20).

Worked at a car sales company and a motorcycle store. Later, in order to take over the family business, he began to study photography, believing in his own potential and aspiring to become a photographer. After working as an assistant to photographer Toshinobu Takeuchi, he became independent.

He won the 8th Fujimoto Shihachi Photography Award for "Arabiru Dena", which covered the "Shimotsuki Festival" of Yudate Kagura in his hometown. A photo book with the same title was published by Shinano Mainichi Shimbun. He has published many photo collections, including "Yakushima: Mountain Island", "Rainy Days Yakushima", "Traces of Yakushima", and an essay, "Rain, Rain, and More Rain: A Yakushima Story". He sympathizes with novelist Jiro Nitta's Buntaro Kato in "The Lonely Man" and admires Frank Yasuda in "Alaska Story".

He is a member of the Japan Professional Photographers Society, the Photographic Society of Japan, a lecturer at the College of Photographic Arts of Japan.

Christophe Anagnostopoulos

Christophe Anagnostopoulos is an Award-Winning Professional Photographer and Filmmaker based in Greece.

His involvement with photography and filmmaking began at a young age, having as first incentives classical landscape photographs and experimental time-lapse/documentary films, without ceasing to experiment till this day, continuously evolving his techniques to follow modern day standards and needs.

Since 2017 he is Global Ambassador of Tokina and Hoya, and he specializes in Astrophotography, Landscape Photography, Time-lapse, Documentary Filmmaking and Commercial Photography.

Christophe is also an instructor in specialized workshops around the world and in private photography schools in Greece, as also a speaker in international photography exhibitions, while his commercial collaborations include well-known companies of the industry.

His personal projects have won many international awards from renowned festivals, and his photographs have participated in major international trade shows and exhibitions.

Due to his technical knowledge background, he also works professionally on testing and reviewing photographic equipment, providing valuable feedback to his clients.

Christophe is currently working on his new experimental projects which will be released in 2022.

Stan Moniz

Born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii Stan was a child of the ocean. His passion for the waves led him to a career as a professional bodyboarder which transitioned into the creative space of capturing the beautiful moving ocean through photography and film.

Now living in Orange County, California Stan is a published photographer with more than 15 years of experience. The surf now isn't the only thing on his mind.

As a Sony ambassador that comes highly recommended, he continues to push his boundaries in the creative arts. With his infectious positive love for adventure, Stan has adapted a nature journalist approach to his content creation. Stan is also an educator at heart leading workshops and presentations helping to spark that fire for photography and filmmaking.

Guo Runzi

Born 1946, Qingdao, China. Graduated from Anhui Normal University, Department of Photography.

He was deputy secretary-general of the Shanghai Literary Federation and president of the Shanghai Railway Photographers Association. Deputy editor-in-chief of "窗口" magazine.

Guo Runzi is a national first-class photographer and a photography lecturer for over 50 years. He is a member of the Chinese Photographers' Association, a member of the Chinese Art Volunteers Association, a member of the Chinese Press Photographers' Association, the first director of the former Chinese Folk Photographers' Association, a former executive director of the Shanghai Photographers' Association and currently an honourary president of the Shanghai Railway Photographers' Association. He was awarded the title of Outstanding Lecturer by the Chinese Photographers' Association Beijing Kantian Academy and appointed as a juror for many photography exhibitions and competitions. In 2019, he was selected for the photo volume of Shanghai People's Magazine. He is known in society as a 'talented and influential photographer'.

He has won many awards in national and international exhibitions and competitions, and has produced more than 30 photography books. His best-known works include "不是福", "加瓦", "同心协力".


View contest results:

Grand prize

  • Javier Arcenillas
  • Spain

Jury special prize / Judge: Koji Itami (Japan)

White angels
  • Tamas Imre
  • Hungary

Jury special prize / Judge: Stan Moniz (USA)

Catch of the day
  • Pavlos Evangelidis
  • Belgium

Jury special prize / Judge: Vieri Bottazzini (Italy)

Secret garden
  • Steve Bae (Myungsik Bae)
  • South Korea

Jury special prize / Judge: Zhang Yougfu (China)

Dream city
  • Jay Huang
  • USA

Excellent works prize

Sky is falling down
  • Legrand Florian
  • France
  • Chung Hong Jing
  • Singapore
By the stream
  • Nguyen Quoc Buu
  • Vietnam
Northern Golgotha
  • Mishail
  • Russia
  • Man Wai Wong
  • Hong Kong
Surrealistic flamingos at Montreux
  • Bihr
  • Switzerland
Riverside night colors
  • 梁晓波
  • China
Fantastical night
  • 浅野 直紀
  • Japan
Plughole overflow sapling
  • Kieran Metcalfe
  • UK
Waterfall on the sea
  • Tran Van Hong
  • Vietnam
Storm city landscape
  • Olaf Sawajner
  • Poland
little Monks to jion candle festival
  • Than Aye
  • Myanmar
The castle of Saint-Exupéry
  • Martin Bordagaray
  • Argentina
Over the sand dunes
  • Manh Ngoc Nguyen
  • Germany
Abandoned ship
  • Todor Tilev
  • Ireland
Autumn rain
  • 金井 光寿(みつじ)
  • Japan
Christmas rain
  • 大塚 康平
  • Japan
Prayer light
  • 増永 康一
  • Japan
  • 堀出 明広
  • Japan
To the land of light
  • 森 和彦
  • Japan
Passing spring
  • 松尾 和敏
  • Japan
Smile, smile, smile
  • Sudipto Das
  • India
Waterfalls on mt. Megamiyama
  • 山川 さおり
  • Japan
Lok Baintan floating market
  • Gerdie Hutomo
  • Indonesia
Steel wool
  • Shridarshan Shukla
  • India
Where red light meets red light
  • Chow, Wai Choi
  • Hong Kong
At the summer tableland
  • 林 昌尚
  • Japan
  • 太田 明男
  • Japan
  • 福田 亮太
  • Japan
Dragon's spine illuminated by the galaxy
  • 峯田 翔平
  • Japan

PCC prize

The lotus comes out of the mud but does not stain the mud
  • 西山 昌敏
  • Japan
Aqualine of light rays
  • 高橋 邦夫
  • Japan
Golden sky and bit no. 61
  • 近藤 明
  • Japan
The morning I met Takigumo
  • 眞舩 正行
  • Japan
Stump art
  • 鍋田 篤
  • Japan
Summer holidays
  • 福田 康幸
  • Japan
Milky Way, Mars in hand @ Miyakojima Nature Astronomical Observation
  • 大西 真人
  • Japan
Stillness in atonality
  • 徳永 正明
  • Japan
Underwater fireworks on Ashinoko Lake
  • 荒木 亮二
  • Japan
Orange-dyed cape
  • 井関 大地
  • Japan